Finding your Rhythm -

Music and Rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul


A beautiful quote — and one that I agree with 100%. However, today’s article isn’t about that kind of rhythm.

Today I want to explore the daily rhythm that radiates inside each of us and what happens to it when we become overwhelmed or even simply “off-track”.

Everyone has a natural beat inside of us, it is the rhythm of our heartbeat. Some, also have that extra hop or step in our stride as we walk down the street or maybe we tap our fingers on the counter to the song that is playing in our head. [Firework by Katy Perry]

For the lucky ones — that is a good day.

I can do it all!

We always think that, don’t we? I certainly did not intend to disappear on you, friends — it has felt as if it’s been forever since the last time we chatted! But thankfully it has been less than two weeks.

However, while away I was still a very busy beaver!

I provided our new friends over at H is for… two new guest posts (I promise to share the links once live), recorded a new Sundays are Simple episode, had two huge church commitments and of course, Thanksgiving sandwiched in between.

Oh, how I so wish I was just lying on a hammock on the beach! No? Okay, back to reality!

Avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Back in August, I filled my plate way too high and became so overwhelmed I actually became immobilized. With a three-day migraine and stuck on the couch with zero desire for anything productive or fun!

To prevent the same overwhelming feelings that got to me back in August — I had to place a pause on one or two of my commitments. Unfortunately, that ended up being a weekly blog article and an episode of “Sundays are Simple”.

How do you mess up your Rhythm?

If you folks have been with me since the beginning — first of all, THANK YOU, but secondly and to my point; you know all to well that we have started this journey of finding ways to constantly improve.

And along the way, we have discovered a few tools and opportunities for said improvement. Among that fabulous list we have found some things that work, things that don’t — things that stick around and things that don’t.

Personally, when I get overwhelmed or even if I think “ I just do not have the time “ all of my “good” habits and “usual” routines simply get skipped and thrown out of the window!

I have yet to figure out exactly how I think I will benefit from skipping 20–30 minutes of quiet reading, journal praying and meditation but it is true and it happens — each and every time.

If I skip my morning routine for just a day or two, I don’t notice much of a change in my overall attitude. However, if skipped for a week or more?!? My internal rhythm becomes off and derailed!

Getting your Rhythm back on track -

Proof — if I can grow so can you!

I was lucky enough to steal a bit of quiet time, this morning, which includes my usual inspirational reading and journal praying. I had also stumbled upon a fabulous and motivational Podcast from ProBlogger.

Because of the positivity and familiarity of my morning routine, I was then graced with a big a-ha moment! And within a few wonderful and peaceful moments, I felt my internal rhythm simply cycle back into place.

I like to have a tight grip on them and tuck those mistakes away for future self-criticism like the dust bunnies that live under everyone’s couch. No?!? Okay, again… we are moving on.

The importance of a morning routine.

Often, we think that we are too busy for our morning routine, our quiet time…be it yoga, meditation, prayer, reading or a positive podcast. Whatever it is that works for you!

Trust me when I say that you are NOT too busy!

When we deprive ourselves of these precious few moments, we take away an important element of our routine, the foundation cracks a bit and we lose our way and can quickly lose our focus.

It is this quiet time that gives us our energy, that provides our much-needed focal point and in turn, allows us to stay on our path.


Be cautious and be wise — with each and every day, we can so easily become overwhelmed and lose sight of what is important.

These past two weeks have proven, so strongly, the need for my ask/my request to keep the holidays simple.

I do still plan on ending this year strong, wrapping up all of my loose ends so that 2020 can begin fresh and new.

And I encourage you to do the same.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.

Thomas Merton

Until next time… Peace and Blessings, Friends!

Originally published at on December 6, 2019.




My name is Heidi, and I am a Mindset Coach and Creator of Rise Love Live - encouraging you to Rise to the Occasion, Love Everyone, and Live a Life worth Living!

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Heidi Fitzsimmons

Heidi Fitzsimmons

My name is Heidi, and I am a Mindset Coach and Creator of Rise Love Live - encouraging you to Rise to the Occasion, Love Everyone, and Live a Life worth Living!

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