How Music Influences our Lives

Harmony … it’s not lasting or permanent it is about individual voices coming together for a moment and that moment lasts the length of a breath …

House of Cards, S1 Ep8

This particular quote struck me and I wanted to include it somewhere within my posts. And I thought why not here; what a perfect spot!?!

Now, please don’t judge my TV watching, it is simply a time to numb out the world where no thinking is required. Still, you have to admit, that Frances Underwood has a good point with this profound statement.

There are many opportunities that are purely a fleeting moment in time. Whatever it is that you are feeling, that you are experiencing in that singular instant you need to hold on to that before it disappears and is gone. And, then, somehow — remember it, forever.

For me, music does just that. Music can bring back memories like the smell of rain on a warm spring day. A particular song will bring strong memories flying to the front of my mind as if I am right there in that very moment.

Music may also help Alzheimer patients and I believe that without a doubt.

Scientists remain hopeful that one day, music could help patients suffering from the ravaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have found that playing meaningful music may alleviate anxiety associated with dementia.

The study was published in The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, April 2018.

Memories and Moments in time.

These topics lead us to our first song that I would like to bring to light today — “Say” by John Mayer. The words are such a good life lesson, no matter the genre that is your natural “go-to”.

… Walking like a one man army
Fighting with the shadows in your head
Living out the same old moment
Knowing you’d be better off instead,
If you could only
Say what you need to say …

John Mayer, “Say”

John Mayer — Say

Oh yes, and the genres are indeed endless; from Bach to Screamo and everything in between! I am certainly not going to be able to put them all within this post, but that really isn’t the goal for today.

Noting that, not only is the style of music going to be specific for each individual person, but also to that specific moment. Whatever it is that you are going through and your mood. More importantly, how do you want to feel; even better what do you need to feel?

Are you …

  • Celebrating a Wedding?
  • Crying at a Funeral?
  • Angry over a break-up?
  • Seeking to be Strong?
  • Needing to be Sad?
  • Yearning for Inner Quiet, Peace and Calm?

We chatted a few weeks ago that music is one way to center yourself. So, when you are seeking that quiet time maybe you reach for your playlist that will drown out the chaos. The songs that you select will help to stop that inner noise and calm your inner chatter. The sounds you hear can let you forget the outside world and just breathe, and allow you to be isolated at that moment.

Seek out different styles of Music.

Listen to it All! Enjoy and Embrace the wide variety of choices!


Oh, music is our friend even more during exercise!

It makes all of the “ hard stuff” just melt away! Maybe you are going on an intense hike, walk, run or workout at the gym. Select music that has a BPM of 120–140; this will, sub-continuously, get your heart rate up. [Disclaimer: before starting an exercise routine, always check with your doctor first, please!]

Listening to music during exercise could lead to a better workout and can release feel-good chemicals in the brain such as dopamine. This may boost your mood, dull pain and make you less tired. I say it just makes you forget about it all!

I’ll even put on a Hip-Hop station while cleaning the house! Dance around while cleaning? Why Not! Grab an opportunity to burn calories and have some fun!!

And never be afraid to dance like no one is looking!

Always believe in yourself, and do not be intimidated or influenced by someone that may be judging you. Perhaps they are insecure about doing something different, outrageous, or courageous?

Listen to this next song, and see how prevalent it still is — 51 years later!

Sly & The Family Stone — Everyday People

Hopefully, we scratched the surface just a bit for you and showed how music can be such a big influence within our lives. Touching upon Memories, finding Peace, and even enhancing our Exercise routine.

I’d like to expand more on this topic, being slightly selfish, as it is such a big part of my own life from both a spiritual perspective and even in my day to day work. I listen to music almost all day — from the moment I wake until just before dinner and into the evening. My Pandora station usually changes throughout the day depending on what project or task I am working on, but it’s always there in the background.

Will you come along this musical journey with me? Dive deeper into our list above and even re-visit Memories, Peace, and Exercise? I would appreciate that and I think you’d enjoy it too!

Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.

George Eliot

Until next time … Peace and Blessings, Friends!

Originally published at on May 14, 2019.



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