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Heidi Fitzsimmons
2 min readJan 7, 2024

Heal Your Negative Beliefs & Find Strength

Are you anxious, stressed, or burnt out?

Or perhaps worse, you feel overwhelmed with depression and melancholy and made to believe you’re not worthy or enough?

Do you desire Grace and growth but lack self-confidence?
Do you yearn to fill your cup through faith, self-care & self-love?

Deep down, you know that one person CAN make a difference, right?!

Well, my friend, then you’re in the right place!
And the Radiance from Within Podcast is just for you!!

My name is Heidi, and I am the writer and creator of Rise Love Live, a blog and more, where I inspire you to Rise to the Occasion, Love Everyone, and Live a Life Worth Living.

Hello, my friend. I’ve been in your shoes — it took a long time, but I learned how to take care of myself through a beautiful morning routine of uncomplicated practices of prayer, journaling, meditation, and, every now and again, a little yoga!

Inside the Radiance from Within Podcast, I’ll guide you along YOUR journey of removing those negative beliefs and replacing them with positive words of affirmation.

You’ll understand the power of words and experience a mindset shift through Prayer, Devotionals, and Meditation; we’ll even talk about how music can move & motivate us!

We’ll also walk through the importance of journaling and how we must process the chaos and sh*t within our cluttered minds.

Together, we’ll build your self-confidence and self-worth.
We’ll uncover the inner strength needed to pull yourself up and out of those ashes so you can reach hope, joy, and peace while supporting your holistic health.

You will learn how to care for yourself from the inside out.

Sure, it would be great to lose those elusive 10 lbs, but that’s not our primary focus right now.

I’m here to encourage you to stop searching for that “something” on the outside, turn inward, and become closer to God because He loves you and is waiting for you!

So, grab that cup of tea AND your journal, and join me on my Podcast to reveal the Radiance from Within you desire and deserve.

And until next time -

Ignite inspiration, spread hope, and dance with faith!

Originally published at https://riselovelive.com on January 7, 2024.



Heidi Fitzsimmons

My name is Heidi, An Inspirational Writer & Podcaster. Rise Love Live - Encouraging you to Rise to the Occasion, Love Everyone, and Live a Life worth Living!