Tips for Using Visualization in less than 30-minutes a Day

Heidi Fitzsimmons
3 min readSep 1, 2020

You have big goals in your life. You’ve even heard visualization is the key to reaching those goals. But you still hold back. Why?

The most common reason — you don’t have enough time.

Well, who has enough time? According to a Gallup poll, 48% of American’s feel like they don’t have enough time to get the things done they want to.

Between work projects, family obligations, the need for a social life, and a little thing called ‘sleep,’ the day tends to slip past without exactly giving you extra hours in the day to use on something so time-consuming as visualization.


Hold up there! In truth, you can use visualization in less than 30-minutes a day!

Read on to find out how.

Begin Relaxed

Anytime you’re jittery or anxious, you’re not going to get things done effectively.

It’s better to start already relaxed. This is why, for optimal visualization, you should start with some deep breathing to calm yourself. This sets you up for success right in the beginning.

Still, having trouble? A short round of meditation might work better.

Stay Fixed in Reality

Visualization, which requires a lot of interpretation, can take up more time than you have. So, lose the fantastic imagery and stick with what you know.

For example, if you’re concentrating on your work life, picture your office and coworkers as they are. Turning them into woodland creatures in a vast jungle is only going to complicate matters unnecessarily.

Focus on What You’re Doing

Most visualization puts all the concentration on the end goal. While this can be wonderful, it can also require more time to work on in the long run.

Instead, spend less time on the conclusion and more on the journey. How are you trying to get there? What are you doing now? What steps do you need to follow?

Use All of Your Senses

Here’s where you want to put in the bulk of your visualization time.

Layer in every one of your senses when creating your imagery. You want to feel, touch, taste, and hear the experience, as well as see it.

Why? Again, this is where the power of visualization comes from. By making a complete picture as possible will lead toward faster success in the long run.

When using these steps, set a timer, and don’t let yourself go beyond 30 minutes. As you grow more accustomed to the process, it might even take a little less time.

The nice thing?

These steps are designed to arrive at the ultimate goal faster — leaving you with more time for all those other goals you have, like sleep.

Are you Interested in Learning More?

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Until next time … Peace and Blessings, Friends!

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